Classical dressage for horse and rider, bitted, bitless and bridleless with Julie Ann Rees BHSAI freelance instructor and trainer.

My method of classical dressage

For me classical dressage is the sympathetic training of the horse using  gymnastic exercises in hand and ridden.  It should be a gradual development building strength in the correct muscles to benefit and improve the horse's posture and physique.  The aim being to encourage the horse to perform in self carriage and lightness expressing himself as he would whilst free. 

It is an art form, a dance, a balance of mutual respect.  Horse and rider working together in harmony communicating freely through sense and feeling whilst listening to each other. 

 Learning to be aware of our own emotions whilst being around horses is vital when wishing to ride or train.  The horse is very sensitive to the energy we bring with us, be it positive or negative.   Whether you ride with a bit, bitless or work your horse at liberty the same principles apply.

If you want to arrange lessons, a clinic or to just disscuss what you want from your riding and are searching for a better path than the one you are on maybe I can help you.   Send me an email in the contact section and I will get back to you.

"The horse must be trained through gentleness and reward never through force" Quote Xenohon, Greek cavelry general 400BC

"And I whispered to the horse; "Trust no man in whose eye you do not see yourself reflected as an equal" Quote Don Vincenzo Giobbe (ca. 1700)